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O Hays Journal é uma publicação bi-anual que fornece informações e notícias relevantes sobre o mundo de RH e recrutamento de profissionais com o mercado de trabalho em constante mudança.

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Rising to the challenge

New age thinking

A new generation is joining the workforce: Generation Z, the digital-native millennials born from the mid-90s onwards. With them, they bring new skills, but also new challenges. How can businesseshelp them to adjust, and what’s the best way to manage them effectively?


Embedding a customer-led culture

Customer satisfaction has always been important for businesses, but in a world of social media and online reviews, it’s more vital than ever before for organisations to have positive interactions. We explore how companies can embed a customer-led culture.

The big idea

Prepare to be disrupted

The digital disruption that is affecting every single industry today means that there is no longer any such thing as ‘business as usual’. How can organisations prepare for the uncertainty this disruption brings?

Statistical snapshot

A recent report, the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends: Rewriting the rules for the digital age, suggests that, as many organisations experience an increasingly digital, global and diverse workforce, they have an opportunity to reimagine how they approach talent and HR.


Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at mental health charity Mind, discusses workplace support for those with mental health issues.


Beyond imagination

Caroline Roberts, Global Head of People and Talent at Zaha Hadid Architects, discusses how the firm is facing up to life after the death of its influential founder last year. She also talks us through her career and the lessons she’s learned.

In the workplace

A new reality 

Virtual reality technology has been around for decades in various forms, but now it seems that its full potential in the workplace is finally about to be realised. We look at some of the practical applications.

Tricks of the trade

Under review

Some companies are turning their backs on the traditional annual review. We look at what they are

doing instead and what this means for the process of performance management.


A different vision

Blind recruitment is often touted as the key to addressing unconscious bias and boosting diversity. We talk to some companies that have used this technique to find out its strengths and limitations.


Deborah Lee, Chief People Officer at Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, discusses the challenges the business faced following the merger that created it in 2015. 


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