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Hays Journal
Issue #15


In our 15th issue, we delve into topics such as automation and its effect on HR, the impact of
flexible working on team dynamics, the rise in employee burnout and much more.


Get ready for blockchain

While we can’t predict the future, we should always strive to take steps to prepare for it. In technology, for example, it is important to understand the principles of new developments and to consider possible applications that could benefit your organisation. 
The effect that blockchain technology will have on the world of work is still uncertain, but it is clear that its potential is huge.

Minimise reputational damage

And while some new developments bring opportunity, others bring challenges. Many businesses will suffer reputational damage at some point, be it on a large or small scale. 

Create a better employee experience

Some organisations find themselves protected in instances of PR disaster by employees defending the company against criticism, but how can this kind of loyalty be built? Increasingly, we’re seeing businesses move away from a focus on engagement to a more holistic model, known as employee experience. 

Help millennials mentor

Another way some companies are engaging better with their workforce and customer base is by using millennial mentors. By encouraging young, junior staff members to mentor senior executives, organisations are hoping both groups will gain a greater understanding of their business. 

Apply design thinking to organisational structure

Blurring the lines between senior and junior staff is becoming increasingly common. Collaborative, flexible and agile approaches to work have been growing in popularity for a while. We’ve looked at how some organisations are now using design thinking to build these models into their structure. 

New ways of learning

As well as changing structures, organisations are altering how they present learning to staff. They are meeting the need for more 
on-demand services that allow staff to develop at a pace, time and place to suits them. 

Tips for building an award-winning culture from Salesforce

For this issue’s profile, we’ve spoken with Jody Kohner, Senior Vice President of Employee Marketing & Engagement at Salesforce. 

Improving society through sport and business

Elsewhere, we’ve found out why the tragic events of 9/11 inspired David Pinchin to start a charity that brings underprivileged young people into the business world. 

Food for thought

And lastly, entrepreneur, chef and musician Levi Roots discusses why it’s important to balance business with other passions.


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