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Hays Journal 16
Rising to the challenge

Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing global insight and news for HR, recruitment professionals and hiring managers on the ever-changing world of work. 

hays journal 16

Rising to the challenge - Driving force

Artificial intelligence is already being used to complete many vital tasks in businesses across a range of industries, but could it be used to boost productivity for the global workforce generally?

Focus - A nudge in the right direction

Humans are prone to making irrational decisions based on deep-seated biases. Can the application of nudge theory harness those influences to help boost employee wellbeing and productivity in the workplace?

The big idea - A healthy alternative

Many studies indicate that wellbeing programmes can improve productivity and retention. But is making such programmes compulsory a help or hindrance to organisations and their workforces?

Statistical snapshot

Female leaders are technology savvy and optimistic for growth, according to a new report from KPMG

Regional Snapshot UK - Skills in short supply

Many organisations in the UK are facing staff and skills shortages as the demand for employees grows faster than the supply

Leadership profile - Flying start

Launched in 2014, Starling Bank is one of the fastest growing challenger banks. Founder and CEO Anne Boden explains why she believes the finance industry still has a long way to go when it comes to diversity

Crossroads - Finding the leaders of the future

In each issue, we invite someone to discuss a life-changing moment. Kate Robertson had already enjoyed a successful career in advertising when she co-founded one young world, which stages an annual summit where young leaders address the world’s most pressing problems. She explains how it came about.

In the workplace - No risk, no reward

Being prepared for change is now the key to survival for many organisations. Can the celebration of failure help them to build workforces that are better prepared to evolve?

Tricks of the trade - Starting a new journey

As life expectancies extend and people see their careers lasting longer, there is a growing desire among workers for a new type of career journey. How can organisations adapt to a workforce that will require different things throughout their working life?

Analysis - Taking feedback forward

Some organisations are now adopting entirely new approaches to performance assessment that go far beyond simply scrapping the annual appraisal

Life Balance - Peace of mind

Balancing two CEO roles would seem hard enough for most people. Somehow Nat Peat manages to maintain a pilot licence, practise karate and do huge amounts of charity work as well. Here he explains how he balances an incredibly busy professional life with his demanding personal passions

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